Free Fire Characters Abilities

Chrono's special ability in the game, Time Turner, leads to the formation of a force field. It is indestructible and can withstand 800 points of harm from opponents.


Jiu-jitsu mode: Allies with 6m get a 500% increase in the EP conversion rate. Psychology mode: Recovers 2 EP every three seconds up to a maximum of 100 EP.


A 3.5m-diameter healing zone is created by Dimitri’s Healing Heartbeat, which is comparable to Alok’s.


The cooldown for Riptide Rhythm is set to 60 seconds, and it blasts a sonic wave that destroys five Gloo Walls within 50 metres in a certain direction.


Xayne provides 80 HP, which decreases over time, in addition to doing 80% more damage against shields and Gloo Walls when the ability is active.


A 4m wide region is created by Painted Refuge that disables throwables. Additionally, the nearby teammates will reduce the damage from bullets by 10 seconds and restore 10% armour durability every second.


Among all best characters in free fire max, A124 releases an 8-meter electromagnetic pulse that stops foes’ interactions from cooling off and disables their ability to use skills.


Wukong changes from a creature into a shrub while slowing down by 20%. It lasts for 10 seconds, but when users assault their adversary, it ends.


When Jota uses his passive ability to damage opponents with the gun, some HP is restored. 10% of the user’s HP is restored when the opponent is knocked to the ground.